Monday, July 4, 2011

3-D Trees

Hello there. Happy 4th of July to all our American readers. I meant to have this post up sooner, but the fun adventure of the holiday weekend have gotten in the way. Honestly I haven't gotten much done at all this weekend except fun with the family...which is a very good thing. We took our girls to the drive-in movie last night, then some family time this morning, and now we are getting ready to head to our friend's house for a picnic and then fireworks. Wooo...busy busy. Anyway today I wanted to share a couple Christmas cards with you I made using the Tree Pattern stamp from Eureka Stamps.

This is another one of the cool 3-D images from Eureka Stamps. You stamp this one, cut, score, and piece together....and...ta da...a 3-D tree! I decided to make mine into Christmas trees by adding stickles to them for garland and ornaments. I also added a little "stump" to my trees by taking a piece of brown PP, and scoring it. I felt a tree needed a I then used some gold CS and my star punch to make stars for the tops of my trees. I thought about adding a sentiment to these, but honestly I felt they were neat enough alone. Well that is all from me today. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great job Jessica! I'm really loving all these 3D images.

  2. I like your different patten design for the tree.