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Gold Leaf, black hot glue & Make a Mold OH BOY!

Hello everybody!
What a fun time I had this past weekend.
There was a stamp and scrapbook convention in the area on Saturday and Sunday and QKR Stampede/Biblical Impressions/Eureka! Stamps were here.
Fellow design team member, Jessica and I helped out with demoing.
We got to meet Maribeth, the owner of these 3 sister companies, and her husband and grand daughter.  What lovely people they are.

I got some fabulous products that I hadn't worked with before and learned about them and had just an absolute ball teaching others about them.

The title says it all.  Well maybe not all, there is even more, and I'm going to tell you a bit about these products, how they are used and show you what I made with them.

I have some pictures to show you from the show as well as the card I made with my new products.  So let's get started. There is a lot to tell you about!
This is a picture of Kristie (that's me) Maribeth (the owner)
and Jessica (friend and design team member)

The next few pictures are of Jessica giving a demo on how to use Sticky Powder and Gold Leaf.

We used the Leaf (#3901) stamp from QKR Stampede for our demo.
The first step is to ink up the stamp with a VersaMark watermark pad.
Then cover the stamped area with Sticky Powder, just as you would if you were using embossing powder.  The Sticky Powder will stick to the VersaMark.
Now here is a very important part, heat up your heating tool until it is hot, then heat the Sticky Powder, when it turns from white to shiny STOP heating it.  You do not want to over heat it, as it will become dried and not sticky any longer.  Now you have a sticky impression.  This will stay sticky for a while, so if you are making a quantity of cards, go ahead and do 8 or 10 of them, then move on to the next step.  Experiment with this as the temp and humidity in your space may make a difference in how long it will remain sticky.

Next put your piece into your container with the Gold Leaf and cover it with pieces of Gold Leaf.  Use a fairly coarse brush and pounce over the sticky image, pressing the Gold Leaf onto the image.  Then begin to brush the extra off the image.  You don't need to be gentle at all, you want to get all the extra Gold Leaf off and back into your storage container. 
Nothing dainty about this process.
Once you have gotten all the excess off, take a soft cloth (we used Swiffer cloths, you can use an old diaper, a scrap of flannel, whatever you have handy) and buff up the image.  This is metal, so buffing it will make it shine.
Now you have a beautiful image that can be used on a card, scrapbook page or any other project you can come up with.  Gold Leaf can be used on other surfaces as well, glass, ceramic tile, acrylic, wood.  Use your imagination and play with it, see what you can come up with.
This is a card I made with one of the images I made at the show. 
I used a pen with metallic ink for the dash lines around the outside border.
Here is a little bit closer picture.
Can you guess what that dragon fly is made with?
Believe it or not it is BLACK HOT GLUE, yep that's right! 
I'd never seen it before either!
I did demos on Make a Mold and Black Hot Glue along with the
Sticky Powder and Gold Leaf on Sunday. 
What great products they are, so much fun!  Oh and then there's the Mica Powder!

Make a Mold is a product that allows you to make a mold of any object that you would like to be able to make multiples of.  Maribeth had made the dragon fly mold by pressing a drawer pull that she had bought at a home supply store (like Lowe's or Home Depot) into the Make a Mold compound.

All you do is mix equal parts of the compound together and press an object into it, let it set up for about an hour, pull the object out and you have a reusable mold.  You can used, beads, buttons, drawer pulls, jewelry, cameos, what ever you like, I have even used ribbon roses to make molds.

What I did with the dragon fly mold was fill it with black hot glue.  When you do this you need to do it slowly with the tip of the glue gun right down in the glue, so you don't get bubbles.  Then you set it aside to cool.
You can use any kind of medium that will hold it's shape once it is dried/cooled.  Polymer clay, paperclay, hot glue to name a few.

Once the glue is cooled you remove the piece from the mold.
What I did next was use a little bit of Mica Powder on the tip of my finger (you can also use a small paint brush or even a Q-tip) and rub it over the surface of the molded piece.

Now I had a Gold Leafed image and a dragonfly.  What do I do with them.  Well, of course, I combined the two.  Since the dragonfly is made of hot glue all I had to do was heat the back of it just enough to make it sticky again, then I could place it on the card stock piece and it is stuck for good.
If you have a small piece, put it onto the card and heat from under the card.  The card will heat, then the molded piece and it will be adhered to the card.

I can imagine so many ways to use the Make a Mold and the Black Hot Glue!  Cards, scrapbook pages, embellishments for frames and vases.  Use your imagination.

I know this is a very long post, but I just needed to share this with y'all.  I am so excited to share these products and techniques with you.
Below is a list of the products from QKR Stampede
that I used.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you will try out some of these techniques, they are really a lot of fun!

Product list
Sticky Powder (check out the different ideas for using it here)
Gold Leaf (there are many colors to choose from)
Mica Powder (many color choices here too,
the one I used was from True Metals)
Follow the links above or go to QKR Stampede and use the
search box to find these products.

These 2 products below are not currently on the website.
I will check on how to order them and post that information as soon as possible.
Make a Mold ($14.95 for a large kit)
Black Hot Glue ($9.99 for 10 - 10" glue sticks)
New info:  These products will be up on the website very soon.  If they are not there and you have questions or would like to order, please e-mail Maribeth through the "contact us" link.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!

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  1. Very nice article Kristie and nice photos of the show and products which you explained so well. I had never seen the black glue molding before, it looks interesting and fun.