Monday, February 20, 2012

Stained Glass Wannabe... I had this vision to create a "stained glass" looking card. Started out great! Loved the way it was going. Then I got stuck...and am not thrilled with the results, but kinda like it. It was all good until I got back to the project and found it all curled up (since it was vellum and I used glue and H2Os on it). So then I started at it and wondering where to go next. Also, silly me, forgot to take a picture of the back of the vellum before mounting it. The back is what looked pretty cool, and would have showed you how much work when into is what you get instead....and a close up of the edging...
So I started by stamping the Daffodils stamp from Biblical Impressions onto vellum. I then used a glue pen and glitter to fill in some of the areas. You can see that I used different color glitters on the flower. I used some twinkling H2Os for the stems and leaves. Then when you flip over the vellum to the "other side" the colors show through. (Again, I totally should have taken a photo before I mounted, but yeah...that slipped my mind.) Like I said, when I came back to the image after letting it dry, it was a bit curled up. So I needed to change my mounting plan. I decided to use scor-tape to hold it down. I picked a wider tape so that I could use black glitter around the edges to look like the molding of the stain glass. AGAIN...epic fail...couldn't find the black So I went with black embossing powder. Honestly...I loved the results of that. The way it melted looked more "realistic", so I went with it. Then came the tricky part...what to do next. So I went simple, and just mounted that onto some purple CS, and said...IT IS DONE! I would have liked to have added a sentiment somehow, but ran out of space. Overall, it is very pretty and different. It could be used for some many different occasions also. Well thanks for stopping by, and have a fantastic day!

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  1. I always appreciate bloggers who walk through the process of errors or accidents; it's more "real" that way, and a reminder that if we can let go of what we wanted to do and go with what we need to do to fix the card, we'll often come up with something equal to or better than what we started out with. :-)