Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snowman Block

When I was making this Snowman card last week - about the only snowman I've seen in this strange winter - I had some blue, white, and silver plaid ribbon that I thought would make a really nice blue and white card. The snowman is so charming, he doesn't need any coloring. But then I decided to just add a little color by doing paper piecing with the scarf (using a red marker every other panel). Oh, and wouldn't it be great to do the hat in with black glossy cardstock? And by the time I had embossed the hat portion of the image, it seemed obvious I should continue with the rest of the snowman "parts". How glad I am that I went that direction when I saw Ceal's snowman on the blog! So, now you have two very different ideas of how the same adorable stamp can be used! I am a word person, so I put this greeting of blessings underneath, backed with a scrap of the same paper used for the scarf.

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