Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Wonderful Names of Jesus

Greetings and Salutations! I'm Sarah Kornhaus, privileged to be part of the Eureka and Biblical Impressions design teams! I have been enjoying and using their stamps for years. After nearly a year and a half of very little card making because of attending college online, it's great to be back into stamping again. I'm still taking classes, but I've eased up on my course load just a bit and have some time for "play."

I love Names of Jesus stamps, they give reminders of the many facets of the Lord; he is our Savior, our King; he is our Shepherd, and so much more. The script-like font of Eureka’s Names of Jesus image is very classy looking. Starting the new year by reflecting on the character of Christ is a great way to go!

For this card, I used metallic/mica powders to achieve an embossed copper effect for a masculine recipient. The green powder (not what is sold at Eureka or BI) has some flaw in it, and smears on any cardstock used. However, I deliberately used it here to accomplish the aged effect. I had planned to add a small scripture text stamp to the card, but when I finished the NOJ panel, I decided the antiqued, elegant appearance did not need anything added to it other than the miniature brads.

It may be my own lack of photography skills, but embossed images never seem to photograph as well as I would like. The text is actually very readable, despite what you see in the photo.



  1. Beautiful card Sarah! Welcome to the teams. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  2. Beautiful! Love the embossed look..and it shows up nicely!

  3. Love the stamp and the corners, good job.