Monday, May 28, 2012

Geometric fun!

I got my first suncatcher stamp in a fabulous grab bag special years ago from Biblical Impressions. I had never heard of suncatchers, so did not recognize what it was, just thought it was a neat geometric design. And although I have since heard of them, and confess I do not care to use the stamps as such, I still love the creative ideas they generate.

I made a batch of impressions of the 16 pt. suncatcher, embossing all with silver and went to work. After the first idea I had (and will post next time, actually), I decided, as the suncatchers come in four levels of "depth," that I would order the 8 pt. suncatcher. A flower was an obvious shape to make with the stamp, and I filled in with H20's. While I had planned to make a card with it, my eyes happen to light upon this little trinket box, and although the green was not a perfect match, the image looked perfect on it.  I haven't permanently attached it yet, but when I do, I will use  foam dots to give it a 3D look.

With the 8pt. design, A star seemed the obvious design. I embossed the image several times, embossing some in silver and some in gold. I then embossed the Psalm 36:5 scripture in gold. The panel is Yuzen Washi paper.

Next time I post for Biblical Impressions, I will have two other, very different cards made with the same stamps.

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  1. Great job Sarosa! I probably wouldn't make suncatchers either. Very cool designs and I love the way you did the layering!