Monday, May 7, 2012

Need a lift??

Good Morning! Jessica B. here for QKR Stampede today! I had fun doing this little card. I made a scene..( I know, you are shocked :)).

First up, I used this little frog..isn't he keeutee?? Now admittedly I am not a "cute" card maker. I LOVE what others can do with cute stamps..but when you have a fear of patterned really just need to know how to color well and hope for the best..which is the motto I live by  HA!..but QKR Stampede had some CUTE images that even I can pull off ~wink~. Plus, as we all know, I love me some frogs..and turtles..and butterflies....hmm..I am seeing a pattern here , you?

Anyway..on to the card.

kinda cute huh?

Ok, so this card was a collaboration of stamps if you will. First up I used the frog, then I used these rocks, and this grass. Now  you KNOW I had to mask something right? No card is complete without masking. So to start off, I stamped el frogo. Then I inked up only part of the rocks and stamped them. Then I stamped the grass behind the rocks..and decided the frog needed something behind him because he was just looking like he had been plopped down on his lily I masked him and stamped the grass over him..then it looked right. So I began coloring. I wanted to make the frog look as though he was sitting on the waters edge so I "built" up a sandy area..see how some of the rocks are in the water..and the water is just to the edge of the sandy area?? That was intentional. I used a combination of Faber Castell Polychromos pencils and Prismacolor pencils. Then I stamped the grass kinda in front of the rocks to create a bit of depth. I added extra dark shading under the lily pad and the rocks in the water to create some depth..and added a bit of a darker brown to the parts of the grass where it meets the dirt if you will..also to keep the grass from looking like it was sitting on top of the ground...there is a method people..I promise. Now, I kinda lost some of the detail in the dragon fly..mainly because I stamped EVERYTHING in green ink. Yes, you read that right..GREEN ink. I don't always like to color something in that is outlined in black...that way you can give certain images a more cohesive look..a bit more natural if you will. BUT, you do lose a bit of detail in doing that. You can still see the dragon person you can see the details of his little face..but not in the pic. Lesson learned here.

Ok..that is it for me today! Please stop by the QKR store and see what other cute images you can pick up..

Have a great one!

ETA:: I forgot about the clouds..I used a prismaclor pencils to make the random blue marks for the clouds..I will explain a bit more about that on my blog soon...


  1. Super cute card, you did a great job with your sky and scenery.

  2. Beautiful job on this little guy! Hmmmm, now how did I know this was your card even before I read the post? LOL You are surely the "queen of scenes" Wonderful job!