Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby Shower

I have a bunch of babycards from when I used to sell cards, but all I have left are boy blue or girl pink cards. I forgot about this, until I went to grab a card from my stash for a baby shower last week. The couple has decided not to discover the baby's gender in advance. So, off to work I went!

Details: I stamped the small carriage image from Biblical Impressions four times (there is a larger size as well). I cut out the wheels from one set, colored the rims with black pencil, then used my versamark pen for the wheel hubs, and embossed in silver. I cut out the carriage body, sans wheels and the portion of the ribbon that is off the carriage, and colored teh blanket and lace. Then I cut the carriage out again, this time also eliminating the lace and the blanket. This step could be skipped, but I wanted the extra layer. I used a slightly textured cardstock for the ribbon to give it a more fabric-like look. I assembled the pieces, and attached to the circle. The Psalm127:3 scripture was simply stamped with black.

In all honesty, this was a very time consuming card ... not because the card itself was that difficult, but I just kept smearing black ink or pencil on the white suraces. Additionally, the spellbinder die was a nightmare to work with. Note to self: anytime purchasing a new set, I need to immediatley test all dies while I still have the return receipt! I used another die in the set a couple of months ago with no problem, but this one ... wow!  I decided to take pictures of what I did.

As you see, three corners were torn off in the effort to extract the piece.

After that one, I thought I would try again, this time with some very strong cardstock I have. The results were just slightly better.  I cut it down to this, I thought I'd show it as it looked before weaving the ribbon through:

I went back to the first one, to show you two other possibilities I could have done.  I decided it looked a bit weird, so I trimmed it down more, but for a different style card, it might have worked (notice I trimmed the little side nobs on one end):


  1. Wow! You really did have quite a time with that label didn't you? BUT the card turned our absolutely lovely. Very nice job!

  2. Very beautiful card!
    Love the bow!