Monday, July 2, 2012

Wow, July 4th already?

I'm Sarosa (aka Sarah Kornhaus), and am happy to present a couple of images from Biblical Impressions today. 

Is America a Christian Nation? Was it ever? I don't believe the majority of the founding fathers saw it that way. What they did see was the need for a nation in which one could worship as one wished, and Christian principles were used in much of the decision making. Or perhaps a better way to phrase it is that the Christian principles by which most of the founding fathers lived by strongly influenced their thinking. To be sure, many were deists, but the Patrick Henry quote indicates that many were dedicated Christian believers.

After stamping the flag background, I filled in the lines with H20 watercolors. I actually did this part a couple of years ago, but didn't really like the effect. But when I looked at it this week, I decided that it would work well as a background for the text. I stamped on vellum with blue Stazon, and after gluing and burnishing, placed it under weights for about 48 hours to make sure I would not see the vellum curl up on itself down the road.