Monday, February 6, 2012

Class Valentines

Today I wanted to share class set #1 of my daughters' Valentines. I have to make 3 class sets, and of course they all have to be The nice thing was I already had the papers all cut for a different project that I have since scratched from my to-do list. So...that part was easy. I also thought it would be fun to not color the images so that my DDs can color them before giving to their friends. So...for set number 1, I used the adorable Hearty Dragon stamp from Eureka Stamps.

So that is the class set...and here is a close up... Super cute! Love this stamp. I stamped them on cream CS with purple ink. Then I used a pink ink to stamp the Happy Valentine's Day stamp (also from Eureka Stamps). Next was some quick mounting, and all set! Actually my oldest DD helped me mount them all onto the purple CS base. She did a really good job centering them too! Now I will just have my youngest DD write her name on the back and they are ready to pass out to her friends next week!