Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Come Sail away....

Happy Tuesday! This is Jessica B with a card for Biblical Impressions today. I don't know about anyone else but this time change isn't working so well with my inner clock ..of all things we need to change in the US..can Daylight Savings  be one?? HA! Ok I know you didn't drop in to hear me ramble about losing sleep so I will get on with my card...
I used three stamps for this little number. You can find them here, here,and here. I must admit that I struggled to come up with a design this time..well not really the design..had that in my head, but how to add color to it. I love to color but sometimes struggle to find the medium I need to use to get the result I have in my mind.I think one calls that arguing with oneself?? LOL. I have done a scene similar to this one if you remember back in January, but the possibilities are endless with these types of "scenes building " stamps..I LOVE them. And Biblical Impressions is brimming with them! If you want to expand your creativity and would like to make things that resemble mini pieces of art..you really go go check out the store! Anyway...this is what I came up with
Ok..where to start...I got the mask I had for the schooner out first. Then I grabbed a piece of water color paper and went to town :) I used a bit of SU! ink as is is water based...but let me tell you , if you stamp then go make dinner and come back a couple of hours later..the ink isn't so easily manipulated with water. I needed to grab water color pencils for that. I stamped the back ground ship in yellows..and the one in the foreground in blues..and used a tiny bit of teal to give it a little glow.I really wanted this card to have a "sun lit" look to it so I kept the waters bright and the sandy area bright as well. I also made a touch of the rising sun over the cluster of trees. I did put that bright blue line in front of the trees to show a bit of depth in the water at the edge and did the same thing with the beachy area. I decided to keep a neutral base for this card so as not to detract form the painting itself and used a light gray card stock for the base. I know that sounds kind of complicated but really it wasn't. I enjoyed the whole process ( you know, once I figured out what i was doing with it :))

Ok, that is it for me today! Thanks for dropping by and please keep checking back here to see what the other DT members have for ya! Have a great Tuesday!

Jessica B.


  1. Your card turned out just beautiful. I love how you explain what you did and why. Sometimes looking at a card, painting, whatever you know that it gives a certain feel, but don't know why. I love that you explain this, like the dark color giving the feeling of depth and the sun lit look of it. Very nice indeed.

  2. Great...thanks Jessica...you just MADE me go put those three stamps in my cart! Love this!