Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hi everyone, Tory here again!!  When I got this smokin' hot  longhorn bull for my design team work, I had a clear plan of what I was going to do with him.... but since then, that plan just flew the coop!! So I was looking at him and thinking... you sure think you're something... and that song, "I'm sexy and you know it" popped into my head... and so a card was born!

And now you're all thinking.... what is she going to go with this crazy card?

Well, my best friend is currently training to do her physical exam for policing. She has to finish that and then do some other tests to become an officer, and most people pass the physical part first because you really have to work out to get in shape. She has to run, drag a body, jump a big fence... and she wasn't so in-shape before she started working out for this. I haven't seen her as she moved about 20 hrs away, but from her emails it sounds like she is shredding the pounds!

So the inside will say something like this:

"Congrats on passing the police exam.... and loving your new smokin' hot body!"

So my inspiration for you today - make the changes in your life to get to your smokin' hot bod, or at least get out in the sunshine and get some excercise... it just might become addictive!


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  1. Oh my word ~ how adorable is this??? LOVE those letters, too!!