Saturday, April 21, 2012

I have been enjoying all the butterfly stamps that Eureka and Biblical Impressions have.  This butterfly comes as a three part pattern, two pairs of wings and the body.  The birthday text can be found here.

I love using vellum for butterflies because it echoes the substance of their delicate wings.  This purple vellum has subtle swirls in it that adds a sublte depth to the wings.   Vellum is a little more challenging to make the curled up look for the wings than paper.  After assembling the butterfly, I weighted it down for a couple of hours to allow the glue (diamond glaze) to dry.  Then I took a long, heavy, narrow tool, and laid it across the body.  Then I took two easy mount stamps that happened to be lying near by, and pushed them under the wings.  I left it for a couple of hours, then attached it to the card.  I then lay the tool across the body again to make sure the glue adhered.

I put two pictures of the card because one better demontrates the actual purple color (it really has a rich, lovely color, not the greyish look you see in both), but the other is a much better (other than the color) representation of the card.

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  1. Beautiful card! I love the use of vellum here, great idea.