Monday, April 23, 2012


My seven year old niece, Kristen, has begun writing to me, and the first time I was able to find a card appropriate for a little one.  But the few kid/cute cards I have are primarily for birthday occasions; it's not my favorite kind of card to make.  I have been swamped, especially with my final papers/exams for college before my one week break (in just a few days, hurrah!), but I've put off responding for too long.  Today I had a short free spot of time, so I whipped through my stashes of card "parts" and came up with these. The card was clearly from my earliest days of cardmaking; I always back paper panels with another cardstock panel before attaching now. Additionally, I always, at least until I stopped making cards to sell, hid the prongs of my brads behind the panel, and the brads on this card were straight through it.  The God Keeps His Promises image had an ink smudge on it, so I had never used it, but didn't want to pitch it.  Perfect for a child!

So, I just switched brads, and made a quick panel to go behind the ark. Card in just a minute or two ... if only it could always be so quick!

I decided to post a card I made with the Spanish version of this image.  Did you know that Biblical Impressions carries Christian Spanish stamps? In fact, it was in searching for Christian Spanish stamps eight or ten years ago that I discovered Biblical Impressions!

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  1. Very cute! Isn't it amazing how different the image looks once that card is all put together? The yellow and blue really make the image pop. Very nice job, indeed!