Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Choo Choo for you...

Hello! Happy April Fools Day!..This is Jessica B, for QKR Stampede today!

While I don't have a funny card to share today..I do have something that I love. I made this for my step-sons birthday. It is a wall hanging( Or will be when I get it matted and framed).

While this looks really wasn't. I used this awesome train, this grass, and this groups of rocks. Oh and I used this fence. Where is the fence you ask?? Well...I wanted the train to have some track...well I used a marker and colored just the first piece of "wood" on the fence them stamped in from the side..and made a "track"..yes you can now marvel at me genius LOL! ( oh..there was NO maksing done on this..believe it or not..)

The rest is pretty straightforward..colored with colored pencils and OMS... I must admit that some of the perspective is "off" but that is OK can't turn a stamp to many ways..

Well that is it for me..I have been out of town for a week with my oldest son and just got back late last night and am SO tired...I think a nap is in order for me! I hope you are having a fabulous Sunday!


  1. What a great scene and I'm most impressed with you very clever!

  2. Very nice card! You are so clever and creative! I have this train image and haven't used it yet, guess I need to pull it out and see what I can do with it. This is exceptional and I'm sure mine won't be as nice. Great job!