Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday Hippo?

This post is really late! I had pre-scheduled it to post while I was at CHA today but it didn't post correctly and I had to wait till I could get to my laptop to fix with out further ado, here is my Birthday "Hippo" card.

Do you notice anything strange about my "hippo"?

I thought he was really cute until I went to like the image that I used and realized that he's called "birthday Gator"...yes, you heard right...he's a gator...well, if you color him grey he looks like a hippos doesn't he?

I'm going to have to color him green on the next card I guess! Maybe we will find out that he is just that versatile of a stamp?

I would have redone him but I think the card turned out really cute and if I hadn't told you I bet you wouldn't have noticed, huh?

And besides...there is no way I could toss the image once it was colored! I hope you learned that there is no "mistake" in stamping that you can't fix or ignore.....

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I like your card. The image is so cute. Great job.

    Hugs Monika

  2. That is a cute image Kristine and such a cheerful color combo.