Friday, June 1, 2012

Geometric Fun II

As I mentioned in my last post for Biblical Impressions, I have two more designs made from the suncatcher images. I love doodling geometric designs,so despite not being into suncatchers (Native American religious symbols), I find the design wonderful for playing with.

The first thing I made with the 16 pt. suncatcher image was this flower. If you look at the original image, you can see where I cut for the petals, and where I cut for the leaves. You'll need to emboss it four times to come up with enough to cut from. Each petal layer is a single piece (2 total), though certainly you could cut out individual petals (though you'd need additional embossed images)for a more layered and perhaps more elegant look. I placed the thank you on white mulberry paper just because the card "needed" something.

The idea of making a butterfly is what motivated me to order the 8 pt. suncatcher. It certainly could be made with just one pattern, but I liked the idea of using the more angled image for the lower wings. I thought I would just create my own butterfly body, but I really am hopeless when it comes to forming shapes with pencil or scissors, so I simply used the body from Eureka's 3-D butterfly pattern. It's a little short, but the best I could do! The Proverbs 3:5,6 image is a bookmark stamp; Biblical Impressions carries a number of scriptures in this great style.

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  1. Great job with these Sarosa, you always come up with some different uses for your stamps. Very nice. I love the papers you used with them too. Very very pretty!