Monday, January 23, 2012

Masculine Birthday Card

Because of the college classes I'm taking, I tried to get a good head start on cardmaking this year, and had today's card finished a week or two ago. However, as is very typical for me, I suddenly remembered a family birthday - my husband's - is today! It's almost a family joke how I tend to forget my own family member's birthday cards until last minute! So Saturday morning found me hastily making a card while my husband shoveled the driveway! Bruce is not really into cards, but some time ago he saw me with a stack of notecards I was beginning to color in, and he requested I make one for him to give someone ... but he liked the black and white, and asked me to put just the smallest dash of red somewhere on the card, and leave the rest without color. Remembering that, I decided to make him a card with the same color scheme, though I did use some grey as well. I used the plaid stripes (second row) and the happy birthday for a simple, masculine look.

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